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Shahrukh Khan’s father; Most Successful Failure is that post which will describe you about the struggle of the Bollywood king khan’s father. Hello Friends. How are you? I hope so that you all will be good at your sides. Friends like always, I am trying to provide you a unique and an informatics post. So my in this post, I am going to describe you the interview hosted by Anupam Kher, who is a famous Bollywood star, to Shahrukh Khan. Friends you may know about King Khan, Shahrukh Khan very well. So the questions asked by the anchor from SRK (Shahrukh Khan) have been discussed by as follow. These questions are based on Shahrukh Khan’s father in this interview. So I fully hope that you will be liked by you.

Shahrukh Khan’s father; Most Successful Failure

Anchor: What were your father’s expectation?

Shahrukh Khan:My father loved me very much from the extreme depth of his heart. He had a desire that I would be successful in my life. He used to tell me that in which field you had interest, you should move towards it. And then one day would come; the success will come to you. So really this method worked for me and therefore I am the successful one.

Anchor: Why did you father often change his profession?

Shahrukh Khan:My father had done so many works in his life. But unfortunately, he was not successful even in a single work. He worked as a lawyer but got failed, he also worked in a furniture shop but suddenly it also got failed, he made a restaurant but was not successful in that work too, he had a tea stall but he became failed. Thus he whatever did was failed.

Anchor: Why did you say “My father is the most successful failure”?

Shahrukh Khan: As I stated that my father had worked in so many fields. Unfortunately, he was not successful even in a single work. Though he was failed he always kept a smile on his face. He was the pillar of failure but still, he thought that he was a successful person in all the failures that mean he was successful in getting failures. He was the king in the failures.


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