What nationalities travel more to Lebanon

Things to do in Lebanon

Lebanon offers amusing activities for all kinds of international tourists. If you are into cultural tourism, you could try the many temples‪, castles‪, statues‪ and monuments. In Lebanese museums you could find lots of funeral steles‪, thrones, and inscriptions‪, mosaics‪, and other relics like tools, offerings, jewelry‪, utensils‪, armory and coins. You could also find many masterpiece modern sculptures‪, paintings‪, and much more‪.

If your Lebanon tour is intended for enjoying nature and adventure, the options that Lebanon offers are limitless. Other than those attractions described above, you could try, for instance, bird watching in the coastal reserves like Palm Islands Nature Reserve or Tyre Coast Nature Reserve. You may also try cycling on Qornet Es-Saouda, Lebanon’s highest peak. The Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve is a good recommendation for hiking and trekking. For mountain climbers, The Aaquora, Tannourine, and Laqlouq regions would be quite satisfying.

Lebanon also has a few world-renowned spots for skiing and winter sports as well. The Cedars Ski Resort, Mzaar-Kfardebian, Laqlouq, Zaarour and Qanat Bakiche are some such names worth mentioning. As mentioned before, Lebanon’s 200 plus kilometers of coastline is a treat for water sports lovers. In short, whatever your wanderlust is based on, you can have it all in Lebanon.

Places to visit in Lebanon

Many of the old towns spread across the coastline of Lebanon, still make the hearts of most Lebanese towns and cities. Anyone who takes a Lebanon trip should ideally visit Tripoli, the second largest city of Lebanon. Tripoli means “triple city” in Greek, and it constitutes of a confederation between the cities of Tyre, Sidon and the town of Arados.

The National Museum of Beirut is another staple on many a Lebanon travel package. The 59,000 square feet museum holds a vast collection of antiquities and medieval finds from excavations. The age of the roughly 1300 artefacts displayed ranges from prehistoric times to the medieval period.

The Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve would be an excellent choice for eco-tourism lovers. Situated on the slopes of Barouk Mountain in the district of Chouf, this unmatched nature reserve makes up almost 5.3% of the Lebanese land. Designated Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) by BirdLife International, the reserve is home to 200 species of birds, 32 species of wild animals and 500 species of plants.

Having 200 kilometers of seashore and around 300 days of sunshine yearly, Lebanon is also home to a lot many internationally popular beaches and water parks. Some of them are;

  • Oceana Beach Resort
  • Green Beach
  • Orchid Beach Resort
  • Edde Sands
  • Jiyeh Marina
  • Bamboo Bay

Food in Lebanon

With the typical Levantine style cooking, Lebanese cuisine includes lots of whole grains, vegetables, starches, fruits, seafood and fresh fish. On the non-vegetarian side, poultry is more popular than red meat and does not include much animal fats. In red meat, lamb is prevalent in the coastal regions and got meat, in the mountain regions. Lebanese cuisine is inspired by Turkish, Arab, and Mediterranean cuisines and is similar to that of other eastern Mediterranean countries like Syria, Cyprus and Greece. You could find lavish use of olive oil and garlic in typical Lebanese cuisine.

As someone embarking on a Lebanon holiday package, you might be more interested in hearing about famous eateries than general facts related to the cuisine style. Listed below are some of the world-renowned restaurants in Beirut, Lebanon.

  • Em Sherif Restaurant, Rue Victor Hugo – Serves Lebanese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines.
  • Babel Bay, Minet El Hoson – Serves Lebanese cuisine. Vegetarian/Vegan friendly.
  • Mosaic Restaurant, Sn Minet el Ho - Serves Lebanese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines
  • Appetito Trattoria, Beyrouth – Serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisines.
  • Margherita, Gouraud Street – Serves Italian and European cuisines.
  • Feluka Seafood Restaurant, Charles DeGaule – Serves Lebanese and Mediterranean Seafood.
  • Kelly's Fish Lounge, Achrafieh – Serves Lebanese and Mediterranean Seafood.
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