What should I do now 42

You tell em' Mary S. in Walton, NY.
I'm 50 years old and just going nutso on what to do with my life, with the little I have left. I was 42 and in Law Enforcement, when my back gave out and one of my kidney's exploded. I became very ill and couldn't work anymore. I was devastated as you can well imagine. It's been almost 9 years now, and many hospitalizations later, that I now feel pretty good. The Pain has subsided and I have more energy, but I can't go back to what I was doing. So here I am, 50 years old now, with no skills. Can't go back to school, because it's still hard for me to focus and retain information, but I still want to work. I've always wanted to fly planes but I can't do that either, so I figure maybe I can fix them. But here I go again, I can't retain information. my disease is killing me slowly. But I still want to do something, work wise. I just don't know what. I guess what I'm saying to you young bloods, is that Mary S. is right, follow your dreams. Do something you love to do. But make sure you have a backup plan. Good luck to all of you in your endeavors.