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Marty And Hagan Reflect On Their Adventures During The Amazing Race

Marty and Hagan were the first team eliminated on Season 28 of The Amazing Race.

After traveling to Mexico and Colombia together, Marty and Hagan came up short on Episode 2 of The Amazing Race and host Phil Keoghan had to give them the disappointing news that their adventure was over.

While the mother-daughter duo didn't proceed to the next leg of the journey, Marty and Hagan learned a lot through their travels, especially about their own relationship and what it takes to compete together. 

Read what this team had to say about their exciting experience on The Amazing Race.

Did you see yourself being the first team eliminated?

Marty: "We never thought we would be eliminated first!"

Hagan: "Absolutely not. I wouldn't have done the Race if I had pictured that, only because you can't go into this thing with the mindset of 'we will be out first.' I pictured myself making to Final 3—then winning, of course! I came on this show to win and it didn't turn out that way, but I am so thankful for the experience. Two legs is better than none, but I wish it would have had a different outcome."

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about yourselves during the Race experience?

Marty: "I discovered I have more strength, competitiveness, and determination than I ever thought."

Hagan: "I guess how competitive I really am. I mean, me and my mom are so close, we don't ever fight. But Race brought out a hidden side of me. I just wanted it so bad that sometimes I took my anger out on my mom, who didn't deserve it! Thank goodness she's a tough cookie."

What did you learn on Race that you'll be able to incorporate into your day-to-day life?

Marty: "For me, the life lessons that I already try to incorporate are no matter what lies ahead—what Speed Bump or Detour life throws at you—never give up!! Keep moving forward and upward. Life is sometimes unpredictable, but no matter what, keep giving 100-percent. It's usually better than you could ever dream or imagine!"

Hagan: "Just to keep going. Life will throw you 'Road Blocks' and 'U-Turns,' but you just have to pick yourself up and keep trucking. Enjoy the little moments, too!"

Why did you leave your taxi at the juice shop?

Marty: "We thought it was right around the corner and, to be honest, our cab driver was so slow, we had no faith in him driving fast."

Hagan: "We asked for directions and the locals said it was 'just around the corner.' Our cab was so slow we thought we could run faster, honestly. And by the time you're a mile in, you don't want to turn around because what if you're almost there? It was so difficult. Our poor camera guys."

Did it cross your mind to take someone else's taxi?

Marty: "Yes! If we could have taken someone's taxi, we would have!"

Hagan: "Oh, yeah. I was about to hop into Darius and Cameron's taxi but, in our clue, it said we had to stick with our taxi. Otherwise, I would have been in that thing."

What team are you rooting for to win?

Marty: "We honestly love everyone for different reasons, but Tyler and Korey will always have a special place in our hearts! Love those boys!"

Hagan: "Tyler and Korey!"

What’s your favorite memory from the Race?

Marty: "Doing the challenges with Hagan—no matter how difficult—and just being a part of this incredible show is unforgettable! The family we now have with all The Amazing Race teams, past and present, are priceless. To think we are one of only a handful of people that got to be a part of this The Amazing Race family, I am still so honored!"

Hagan: "My favorite memory in Mexico was seeing my mom run out of the cave. She was bleeding, sweating, and still running her little heart out to get to me! I had both of our bags on and I immediately sprinted to her when I saw her come out. They didn't air this, but we actually tackled each other and fell to the ground. She was the first parent out of there. I was so proud!"

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