What was your first RPG

Lots of people who started with FFVII here it seems.

The first one I played all the way through (I had played bits of FFVI at a friend's house, or bits of the Legend of Zelda but the short exposures did me no favors) was Super Mario RPG. Man did I ever fall in love with that game. My first Final Fantasy RPG that I finished was Final Fantasy VII (for PC, because I bought an N64).

You have to understand about me, though, that when I was a kid, I was not allowed to own any video games. I had an original black and pea-soup green gameboy which my aunt bought me (much to the chagrin of my parents) and I wasn't even allowed to buy a system on my own (not that my allowance was big enough) until about 2 years before the N64 came out when I finally got a SNES. I probably would've picked up and played FFVI had I owned a system at the time. But in a way, Super Mario RPG was the perfect introduction to RPGs. Very forgiving and light-hearted, completely turn-based, easy on the eyes, and lots of fun.