What will happen if India invades Canada

canada would lose yet canada would win, i must admit that we don't have large army but we have large moral so will fight to the last man, we will be conquered but are allies britain,france other commonwealth nations,maybe japan, russia and china ( I don't know it depends on how they fell i guess) , UN nations and (don't forget resistance) would declare war or something like that and invade USA, canada would lose in the first (days,months,years) of the war but will be liberated by are allies after the war america might have to explain why they invaded canada,and might lose some land to canada, But i highly doubt it will happen canada and america are good allies (even though america got bloodshed independence and canada got .. Non Bloodshed independence?) and we will never invaded each other. Unless we have a evil leader that likes to torture people and kill them for no reason at all then ignore all above, or we are occupied by another nation that is incredibly evil that must be killed yeah ignore all above