Whats more important in religion

It's not religion vs. science. There are many religious people who believe in evolution, and there are many scientists who refute evolution.

The battle is Evolution vs. the Bible. This is where the contradiction takes place. You cannot believe in both the Bible and Evolution.

Now about dinosaurs:

First of all, reptiles never stop growing. It’s just a simple biological fact that reptiles grow all their life and never stop until the day they die. With that in mind, look at the geneologies from Adam until Noah. You’ll find that just about everyone back then lived to be 900 years old, which is about 10 times longer than the average lifespan today. Well, it wouldn’t just be people. It would also be plants, animals, the whole ecosystem, including lizards. If lizards lived 10 times longer, and reptiles never stop growing until the day they die, then you can imagine how big they must have gotten. Reptiles in Noah’s day would have gotten absolutely enormous. Lizards would have been huge!

The reason that the Bible seemingly doesn’t mention dinosaurs is because the million year age estimates that are assigned to dinosaurs by evolutionists are presented to the public in such a way to where they seem to be scientific fact when in reality they are actually quite theoretical. Not all scientists agree that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years before man. Not even all the dating methods agree with those million year age estimates. And even the dating methods that do agree have been found to be very questionable and many times inaccurate.

When you were a kid and your schoolteacher told you that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years before man based upon some mysterious dating methods which they never bothered to fully explain to you in grade school, you just believed them didn’t you? You see, they know that children are gullible. That is why dinosaur books are only sold in the children’s section of the bookstore.

However, what they’re not telling you is that Creation Scientists suspect that dinosaurs did not become extinct until about 3 or 4 thousand years ago, sometime within the history and memory of mankind. If you carbon date a dinosaur bone that has carbon in it, then you’ll find it to be only a few thousand years old. That makes perfect sense because the bible records a massive flood a few thousand years ago. Fossilization is caused by flooding. Scientists have found that the conditions that would be most ideal for the kind of massive fossil formations found in the sediments would be a violent, global flood catastrophe. Dinosaur remains worldwide are associated with water laid sediment. Well, the Bible talks about a flood like that, and it just so happens that it occurred in the days when reptiles and lizards would have gotten really big, in the days of Noah about 4,400 years ago.

However, Evolutionists won't carbon date dinosaur bones, because they know carbon dating will give them an age estimate of only a few thousand years. Well, that doesn't match their assumption of millions of years. So what they'll do is, they won't even bother to carbon date dinosaur bones. Instead they'll use alternative forms of radiometric dating like potassium-argon or uranium-lead, or some other form of radiometric dating which will give them the million year age estimates that they're looking for, based upon their pre-conceived idea of evolution. However, these alternate dating methods have been found to be very questionable and inaccurate. For instance, according to the Journal of Geophysical Research in 1978, new rock in the form of hardened lava flows produced estimated ages as great as 3 billion to 10.5 billion years, when they were actually less than 200 years old.

The truth is, dinosaurs fossilized because of the floodwaters in Noah’s Day. Then they were hunted to extinction in the centuries to follow. This is where dragon legends come from.

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