Whats your favorite memory from the 1990s?no_redirect=1

I went for a walk this morning and it triggered childhood memories. I thought about the things that made up my childhood, and memories of and with each of my family members. I thought it would be fun to share, and to hear about yours!!!

Mine- Tulips by the back porch, daffodils along the driveway, flock and rock gardens out front, horses in the field, fish in the pond, frogs in the basement windowsill. Swinging on vines, playing in the creek.

Favorite memories of--

My Mom- She was always gardening

My Dad- Always mowing the lawn

My brother (11 years older)- Playing guitar

My big sis (14 months older)- Always reading a book

My little sis (11 years younger)- Eating watermelon

Favorite memory with-

My dad- We put a cat carrier in the garage once, and left it open. At some point that winter someone closed it. When spring came my dad was cleaning out the garage and hear a noise coming from it. He got me, assuming I was secretly keeping an animal (I did that kind of stuff). We were both in the garage, and neither of us had any idea what was in there. My dad put his face right up to the wire front to look in. A HUGE rat jumped out at him. We both ran like heck out of the garage. After collecting ourselves, we had to figure out where to go from here, as the rat was still locked in the cage. He looked at me and said "go get Abigail" (Abigail was my cat). We took the cage and cat to the yard, my dad opened the cage and kicked it a few times, the rat came running out, I dropped Abigail and they went over a hill where we heard Evidence that Abigail has successfully 'taken care' of our problem.

My Mom- This was hard, because she died three years ago and i've suppressed all the memories because it hurts too much. But I remember one Sunday her and I were reading the pet section of the newspaper and saw a puppy that I really wanted, she said "go ask your Dad" I ran outside and down the drive way and through the fields to where my dad was doing some yardwork. I asked and he said "No way". I came back up to the house and told my mom what he had said. She smiled at me, and one week later that very same puppy was bouncin around in our yard. I had him for 8 years, hes still alive today, living with good people with a nice fenced in yard.

My big Bro- He was always a goof. The whole family was trapped inside during that BIG blizzard (I think it was in 98) We were all sitting in the family room, miserable. Out of nowhere my brother jumps up on the GLASS table and yells "I have the sensation of skiing off a mountain slope!!!!!!" It brightened up all our moods because it was so random and funny.

My big sis- We're really close in age, and are best friends, its hard to pick just one good memory with her. We fought like crazy when we were kids, so this ones funny, but not really 'good'. I busted open my chin when I fell off my bike and I got stitches. The day after I got them off, Emily and I were fighting about something. I was laying on the floor on my stomach, and must have said something that really pissed her off, because she came up to me and kicked me HARD in my chin. It busted open and was gushing blood. I don't remember what we told our parents, but I covered for her.

My little sis. When my little sis was 3, she came running out of the bathroom yelling "EVERYBODY COME LOOK!!! I JUST POOPED A TEDDYBEAR!!!!" Not knowing what exactly was going on, we all went to look. Sure enough, her poop was shaped JUST LIKE a teddybear. LOL, she's 13 now, she'd kill me for posting this!!!!


Em- LOL-- You made me laugh, and you made me cry, I was doing both at the same time (your daughter was sitting here looking at me like im crazy).

Your memory of mom is beautiful. I regret that I distance myself to such an extreme when she was sick.

LOL- I change my favorite memory of Keary to the one when he fell on his butt tryin to catch the christmas tree. That was freakin awesome.

LOL- I did adimitly denie that I was laughing at Samantha...... But why'd you have to call me out like that?

Update 2:

choqs- GREAT stories!!! Families are so awesome, you all seem really close. Its funny how the greatest memories are the simplest ones. The story about your big bro is soooo funny!!!