Which are smarter lions or wolves

@mukurorokudo: The hyena is a scavenger/carnivore...so if the prey fights back usually they will run away


Hyenas, especially spotted hyenas, are known for killing as much as 95% of the animals they eat,[5] and for driving off leopards or lionesses from their kills, although they have long been regarded as being cowardly scavengers

People think they are mostly scavengers but it is not true, watcha ny recent documentary, this myth has been debunked years ago.

I disagree, Wolves are smarter, faster, and more lethal

Again wrong...


  • Wolf top speed 40mph / 60kmh can sustain for couple kilometres
  • Hyena top speed 40 mph / 60 kmh - can sustain for couple kilometres

Bite force

  • Hyena 1100 psi ( stronger than tiger )
  • Wolf 400 psi


  • Spotted hyena 50-85 kg
  • Grey wolf 34-56 kg

Size of the prey


.so if the prey fights back usually they will run away. Wolves aren't like that, they finish the job especially when in a pack.

And wrong again, hyenas are brave enough to hang around lions, they are not cowards. This why so many of them end up killed by lions, they usually do not run away. They never run away from the victim.

Basically everything You said is wrong, how is that possibile when there is so many documentaries regarding bogh species? My quess would be you do not watch them and just repeat what you heared or just use imagination... neiter is good enough to participate in a conversation.

Hyenas are stronger and bigger than wolves they their victims are larger then woves victim, that makes them more effective. And yet even a pack will not kill a male lion, tigers are bigger and stronger then lions. Tiger stomps, this is obvious.