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  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA) and Master of Science (Information Technology - IT) both are popular courses among IT industry aspirants.
  • Understand the difference between MCA and M.Sc IT to take a wise career decision.

What should I do – MCA or M.Sc IT? This is one of the most popularly asked questions in the field of IT and computers. Students who aspire to work in the IT industry are not able to clearly differentiate between the two courses.

Before choosing the course that you want to pursue, it is very important that you understand all aspects of the programmes clearly to arrive at the right decision. The course that you pick will decide your future in the industry, therefore, it is very important that you pick the right course for yourself. This article talks about the differences aspects of MCA and M.Sc IT programmes.

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Difference Between MCA and M.Sc IT:

Following are some of the major differences between MCA and M.Sc IT:

Masters of Computer Application (MCA)Masters of Science (M.Sc) IT
Duration3 years2 years
Objective of the programmeMCA programme aims to groom the software skills and strengthen the computer application aspect of students. This programme prepares the students for the industry requirements so that they can flourish in the corporate IT Sector.M.Sc IT focuses on making a student technically competent in theory of Information Technology, its application and research related aspects. The programme aims to make students eligible for IT Industry as well as research programmes.
Course StructureMCA courses are more focused on implementation of Programming Languages, IT Skills and other such concepts with a detailed curriculum that stretches to five semesters. The sixth and final semester is dedicated to industrial training/ internship and projects.M.Sc. IT programmes are designed to impart theoretical as well as application knowledge to the students and prepare them for research in the field. Although most of the concepts and subjects are similar to MCA, some subjects are different. Students are also expected to submit thesis and project at the end of the programme.
FeesMCA courses are generally more expensive than M.Sc. IT courses. This is also because of the fact that MCA is a lengthier course.Fees of the programme may vary from college to college. Usually, government colleges offer much cheaper M.Sc. IT programmes than private colleges.
Job Opportunities

The doors to IT Industry are open after successfully completing MCA programme. Following are some of the job profiles that you can apply for after course completion:

  • Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer
  • Troubleshooter
  • System Analyst
  • Software Application Architect
  • Software Consultant
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Technical Writer

Be it research, teaching or IT sector, all the options are open on the completion of M.Sc. IT programme. Here are some profiles that are open after this course:

  • IT Consultant
  • Network Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Support Administrator
  • Security Agencies
  • Security Expert
  • Tracker
  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Interface Engineer

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Which Course is Better – MCA or M.Sc IT?

Finally, we arrive at the question that you have all been seeking answers to. After learning all about the two programmes, you must have realized that both the programmes offer equally good career opportunities. Therefore the answer depends on the career path you want to follow.

If teaching and research are your priority then you must pick M.Sc. IT. However, if the corporate world of IT is where you aspire to work then you must pursue MCA. Hence it is you who can decide which course is best for you – MCA or M.Sc IT.