Which Ninja blender is best for smoothies

These days, no kitchen arsenal is complete without a powerful, do-it-all blender – and few blenders are as versatile as those from the Ninja line.

The right blender allows you to make smoothies, frozen cocktails, and creamy soups. With some blenders, you can even chop and puree a variety of foods, eliminating the need to pull the food processor out of the cupboard.

If you’re looking for a blender that can process, crush, spiralize, and chop a variety of ingredients – one that will enable you to make everything from your morning smoothie to tasty dinner pasta – a high-quality Ninja blender could be the right solution for you. Ninja makes so many different models, however, that choosing the right one for your kitchen can be tricky. You need to select the right power, capacity, accessories, and features to make sure your culinary needs are met.

If you’re ready to buy a Ninja blender, check out our top recommendations. If you’d like more general information about Ninja blenders first, continue reading our shopping guide.