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10th April 2016, 10:30 PM

Which course to take after completion of MEC? BBA or BCA?


I in the start thought of doing bba or bca as i am mec student i have maths back ground then i came to know that there is no more good demand for them the i was thinking of opting some other course please tell me what should i choose and i thought of going to aurora is that collge good?? Please help me

11th April 2016, 12:00 AM
Re: Which course to take after completion of MEC? BBA or BCA?

After completion of your 12th standard with Mathematics, Economics and Commerce subjects, you can opt any course which you are interested whether it is BBA or BCA or any other course. If you are interested in Business field then, you can go for BBA course or if you are interested in Computer Applications then, you can opt for BCA course.

11th April 2016, 12:28 PM
Re: Which course to take after completion of MEC? BBA or BCA?

Hope you are doing M.Sc but due to backlog in Math subject you wants to change you subject of study from M.sc to BBA or BCA. We would like to say that changing your streams will never help you. If you have backlog in any particular subject then you should work hard in that subject to clear on time. Because if you are changing you streams from M.sc to other curse then it will be waste your time and you can not be in safe zone after getting admission in any other coures. Every course have their own standard and syllabus of any course is decided by respective University and have certain standard. Once again you will have to do hard labor to continue that course.

But if you have planned to change your course then you should opt BBA, because it easier as compare to BCA. In BCA you will have to study about some programming language which may disturb you and BBA will be best because the subjects under BBA is interesting and related to business which is the best part. Also this course have nice scopes in future hence career growth is nice in this domain.

11th April 2016, 01:41 PM
Re: Which course to take after completion of MEC? BBA or BCA?

As per my knowledge both courses BBA or BCA are good. You can choose right course as your interest.

There are certain colleges offers above mentioned course:-

Hindu College

Christ University

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Ramjas College

Madras Christian College
11th April 2016, 11:44 PM
Re: Which course to take after completion of MEC? BBA or BCA?

You are in confusion but let me clear you that BBA or BCA both are good. You can prefer any of them. The college which you have selected is also good. After completing graduation you have many options. You can choose either government sector or private sector. After graduation in either BCA or BBA you can pursue MBA or MCA. It will prove to be good for you.

If you want to pursue in general competition then some of the options are as under:-












12th April 2016, 12:42 AM
Re: Which course to take after completion of MEC? BBA or BCA?

After MEC , You can choose any course either BCA or BBA. You should choose any one from them in which you have more interest. BCA is the computer level course whereas BBA is the management level course. Aurora is also a good college & having nice placement records.

BCA Course

BCA Specialization
- Computer Graphics
- System Analysis
- Programming Languages
- Database Management
- Animation
- Information Technology
- Accounting Application

Job Types After BCA
- Software Developer
- System Analyst
- Computer Programmer
- Network Analyst
- Database Administrator
- System Administrator
- Business Consultant

BBA Course

BBA Specialization
- Finance
- HR
- Marketing
- Accounting
- Enterpreneurship
- Legal Studies

Employment Areas For BBA
- Business Houses
- Banks
- Export Companies
- Industrial Houses
- Marketing Organizations
- Business Consultancies
12th April 2016, 12:52 AM
Re: Which course to take after completion of MEC? BBA or BCA?

I would like to suggest you to opt for Bachelor of Computer Application course as it has more demand than BBA ,more over after completion of the course you can get job in IT sector in the companies like Wipro, Infotech, Construction Consultancy Services etc. Fresher student can get job 10000 to 18000 in starting and after getting experience they can earn even more. If one wishes to become a software developer or web designer then BCA is the best course.
12th April 2016, 01:52 PM
Re: Which course to take after completion of MEC? BBA or BCA?

After doing MEC in intermediate you can apply for many course in degree or engineering course.

BBA is the Bachelors of Business Administration course and this is a three years full time or part time course and this course is related to the management course.After completing this course you can do higher studies in MBA,etc or you can search for a job.

BCA is related to the Bachelors of Computers Application course and this course is also related to the Computers course and you will be learning about different programming languages in this course and as you have done MEC you can take up any of these courses and there are no particular course available and as yo mathematics background it is good to take up BCA course as there will be logics in programming mathematics will be use full.

Aurora college is also one of the good college and you can join in that college for your degree course.