Who can buy WhatsApp channel software

WhatsApp Channels are pre-activated WhatsApp Numbers that are used by several WhatsApp marketing tools, scripts, software, and several other solutions that allow you to automate any kind of WhatsApp marketing promotions & marketing activities.

Now, since these are the mobile numbers that will be used by any kind of desktop or web based application you will use. You have an option to either get these numbers virtually or convert your real SIM card numbers into a WhatsApp channel.

After doing a bit of research, I found that there are two kinds of WhatsApp channels.

Protected WhatsApp Channels vs Unprotected WhatsApp Channels.

I don't want to re-phrase what's already been written about them. You can check the link above with more information on it.

Here's a list of places I found where you can purchase WhatsApp channels with highest quality of vendors who provide bulk WhatsApp channel registration services.

Bulk WhatsApp Channels

This company seem to be providing only Chinese WhatsApp channels as of now.

WhatsApp Channels

This company provides channels from various different countries, like:
Indian WhatsApp Channels (India based local SIM Card activated numbers)

Philippines WhatsApp Channels

Russian WhatsApp Channels (These can be virtual as well as real SIM channels) 

Canada WhatsApp Channels

UK WhatsApp Channels (UK Based WhatsApp numbers)

USA WhatsApp Channels (+1 series WhatsApp numbers)

There are other places also where you can purchase bulk WhatsApp channels:

Bulk WhatsApp Sender

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Software (Found them very very expensive, comparetively to all companies!)


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