Who plays the best live action Batman

Well as I stated, Bale is my favorite, but he had the honor of working with Christopher Nolan, and David S. Goyer. Even though none of them are where I think they should be physically, Bale wins out on that one, as he is the closest. And I won't take away the fact he did for a very good job as Batman, but I just look at him, and I think he's not Batman, he got the essence of Batman more than any of the others, but I think it helps a lot when you have a great script, and great director.

@rustyroy said:

Clooney could'v been a great Batman if he had a better script and director.

And I 100% agree with you on this. Clooney is the laughing stock of the Batman films, but it truly should be Joel Schumacker and him alone.... well maybe Arnie as well. If Schumacker made that film in the 60's during the Adam West area, perfect (I believe that's what he was going for, but stupidly forgot to stick with the times.) Clooney could have been a good Batman.

Now he is in no way perfect, they're actors that would fit the role better than the five we've had, but from the five we've had, I truly think he is closer to Batman than any of the others, and if he was younger and was casted to play Batman in Nolan's, I think he would have done a better job, and is a lot closer to Batman/Bruce Wayne, minus 1 or 2 things, and that's Val Kilmer. My only real problems with Kilmer is, he could have been in much better shape, more bulked, and cut, and of course his hair isn't the right color. But I think he has the face, the voice, the demeanor, and the acting skill. Just wrong time, wrong director, and wrong script.