Why are people obsessed with change

I am obsessed with change. In fact, I think a lot of us are obsessed with change.

You hear a lot of experts say people fear change. I want to change this statement. People fear bad change. People love good change.

For instance, why do most people want a new car? Unless their previous car is breaking down and not reliable there really isn’t a good reason to get a new car.

I still want a new car. I love the new car smell, the new interior, the change. But as soon as the newness blends into the background, as soon as this one seems old, I want a different one.

It’s the fear of bad change that stops people. No one wants to go backward. They would rather stay safe than risk bad changes.

I believe change moves you forward. Both good and bad. Because of this belief I have done some pretty crazy things, and not all of them were helpful to my finances!

My History of Change

In a period of seven years, I have owned four houses in three states.

I owned a home in Rochester, NY.

At the same time I owned a home in Derry, NH.

I owned a home in Milton, NH.

I now own a home in Turner, ME.

In a period of eight years, I have moved seven times.

From my parents home in Lyman, ME to an apartment in Buckfield, ME.

From Buckfield, ME to an apartment Rochester, NY

From the apartment to the house in Rochester, NY

From Rochester, NY to the house in Derry, NH

From Derry, NH to the house in Milton, NH

From Milton, NH to a rental in Lewiston, ME

From Lewiston, Me to the home I have now in Turner, ME.

In a period of ten years, I have had twelve different jobs, in eight companies.

Pizza girl

Dental Receptionist

JC Penney

Tech Support at Lamere

Tech Support at Frontier

Network Operations Tech at Frontier

Engineer at SeaChange

Project Manager at SeaChange

Project Manager with EepyBird

Personal Coach

Business Coach at Next Level Business Coaching

Currently Business Coach/Entrepreneur

Most of the location moves were not good for our finances. We lost money on the house in NY, and we lost money on the house in Milton, NH. (over $30k!) Each move has cost us money for the truck, the new set up fees for utilities, and time lost. So why do we keep doing it?

Most of the moves career-wise have helped my finances (with the exception of leaving SeaChange.) But whether or not they were smart moves, I tend to get bored and want to leave within a short time.

Looking back, I think my belief in progress pushes me toward change. For years my motto has been “Progress.” As long as I am making progress I am happy. Unfortunately, I want tangible progress. Improving my speaking skills isn’t tangible, but speaking in front of 200 people is.

I need to have something to show for my progress. That’s why I move, or change jobs. They are tangible and can be measured.

The Next Phase for me

I really don’t want to move again. I don’t want to change jobs. Looking at my history though, I am due for a new house and a career change. I’ve been trying to think of what could replace my need for change that doesn’t involve major changes for my family too.

So I have been thinking about business. I have never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, though I’ve always wanted to be one. I thought an entrepreneur had to have a “serious” businesses and take huge financial risks. The stories I read in Entrepreneur magazine. But I didn’t want to jeopardize my family for becoming an entrepreneur. I have always thought of myself as self-employed.

Business Week describes the difference between an entrepreneur and self-employed person:

“Founders who want to grow companies and freelancers who simply want to make their income working for themselves.”

I realize that this is the change I want. I don’t want to buy and sell more houses. (unless they are investment properties!) I don’t want to change jobs again. I don’t want to be just self-employed. I want to build something.

I love the clients I have, and the work I do. But I’ve continued to want more. Apparently, I’m not satisfied with just being self-employed. I work with clients that have businesses and employees and after our session, I dream about having that too.

This is scary to me. I also have a fear of bad change. What if my ideas don’t work? What if I have to invest more money? What if I can’t do it?

But I think that’s exactly what I need right now. Buying a house was safe. I knew the risks ahead of time. Now I don’t know what the risks will be, but I can do my best to plan for them. The rewards of a successful business far outweigh moving every few years.

Let’s hope my journey will keep us in this house for awhile, I’m pretty tired of packing my possessions in a Uhaul. 🙂

The Next Phase for You

What are your thoughts on change? Do you like change?

Are you happy with the change you’ve had in the past? What do you think your choices in the past mean? How will that affect your future?

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