Why arent hybrid vehicles enough anymore


Yeah, you read that title right: Five reasons to not buy a hybrid car — so, are we crazy? Maybe a little bit.

Ten or 20 years ago, hybrids were new, unproven technology. What if they burst into battery-powered flames? What if the batteries had to be replaced? What if you had to — gasp — pass a car on the highway or go up a hill?

Hybrids have been on the market and continuously improving since 1999, though. They're commonplace to the point of being kind of boring. Nearly every major auto manufacturer has a hybrid or two in its lineup, and hybrid heavyweight Toyota has an entire Prius sub-brand.

There are many reasons someone might want a hybrid: saving the environment, making fewer stops at the gas station, feeling good about your green self — but not every reason will pan out in the long run. While hybrids continue to be popular, there may be better, greener and more efficient alternatives out there.

Take a look at these five reasons not to buy a hybrid vehicle and see if any of them steer you away.