Why cant we eat dolphin meat

Dolphin meat is meat that has been derived from the body of dolphins so that it can be sold to meat distributors, supermarkets and restaurants for human consumption.

Aside from being eaten by human’s dolphin meat may also be used by fisheries as a form of crab bait in order to lure crabs in for easy capture.

When it comes to human consumption countries that eat dolphin meat consider the food to be a delicacy and in certain locations dolphin meat can be found being sold at very high prices.

Both the cost and prestige dolphin meat carries varies from one place to another.

In some instances dolphin meat has even been found to be used as a replacement in canned tuna in certain countries.

For some people and cultures the practice of eating dolphin meat carries a strong cultural history that has been passed down for centuries by individuals and groups that believe consuming dolphin meat brings them closer to their ancestors, either in the form of ancestral hunting practices or in the consumption of the meat.

The practices and beliefs regarding dolphins and how they relate to humans vary significantly from one culture and society to the next.

Some cultures believe dolphins are angelic beings that should be protected at the highest cost while others believe dolphins are reincarnations of their ancestors and some simply feel dolphins make a great meal just enjoy the taste of dolphin meat.

Regardless dolphin meat continues to be a profitable business among those who have acquired a certain taste for this type of food, especially in areas where dolphin meat is considered a delicacy.

When it comes to hunting dolphins and there is a continuous conflict between the anti whaling and pro whaling societies.

Those that oppose the practice of hunting dolphins believe that it is inhuman and that there is plenty of meat that can be consumed by other animals.

Some of these groups also display a deep emotional connection with dolphins and believe that the high level of intelligence and emotions dolphins show indicate that their existence is on par with that of human societies.

These anti whaling faculties along with the International Whaling Commission and other groups also feel a strong need to protect these species as many species have become extremely diminished in terms of population and some dolphin species even face an extreme threat of extinction.

In fact organizations such as the international whaling commission have banned the practice of whaling/dolphin hunting in many countries as a way to help endangered species recover and hopefully replenish their populations.

Some individuals and organizations that take a pro whaling stance believe that there is nothing wrong with the practice of whaling or hunting dolphins as long as they are able to repopulate their species.

For others consuming dolphin meat is a big part of their heritage, culture and beliefs.

To these groups it isn’t about making a profit, it’s about maintaining their heritage and ancestral culture.

Many of those who take a pro whaling stance believe that whale and dolphin hunting is a matter of perspective and choice, and shouldn’t be banned because they carry a different view than anti whalers.

A few organizations also claim that hunting dolphins is necessary for research of the species.

In the end the practice of whaling and dolphin hunting has significantly declined over the centuries, however there is and likely will always be groups that hunt these marine mammals according to their beliefs and as long as they do there will be a controversial perspective that exist between the anti whaling and pro whaling groups.

While the practice of dolphin hunting and whaling has slowed significantly some countries still hunt dolphins and sell their meat as a delicacy today.