Why do I unconditionally dislike most people

Great answers from Americans!!!

You can see why people think we are stuck up idiots and our country is failing! To make a country run smoothly you need to have cohesion through unity. There can't be unity without talking and learning more about each other.

I used to dislike most people I started talking to, but now I really like trying to get to know people. Why not? Because it takes too much energy? That's ridiculous. So how do we discriminate who we should get to know or not? Race, gender, height, weight? People who don't get to know other people are probably the most judgemental people out there because they don't expose themselves to diverse people and places. How do I know? Because I was selfish and didn't really care about talking to other people.

As you mature you learn to except and like others as they are. Unless they're too stuck up and selfish to talk to you in the 1st place, then screw them they deserve whatever bad things happen to them.