Why do wars still follow war laws

It started with the Code of Chivalry of the knights and expanded. The Christian idea is that suffering, even in war, should be limited as much as possible. From that thinking we got the Red Cross, the Geneva Conventions and other means of trying to limit the suffering.

The problem is, that logic only applies to the Christian (and Jewish) nations. It worked OK when it was the Christian Allies against Christian Germans. But elsewhere it did not.

The rest of the world (Japanese, Russians, Muslims) feels that it is OK to do whatever it takes to win. if they can use the Red Cross and Geneva Conventions against their enemies, that is perfectly OK. So we see weapons being hidden in mosques, troops being moved in ambulances, rocket launch areas inside cities, and pretty much any other kind of violation of the Geneva Conventions being used against their enemies.

This dicotomy puts the Christian (and Jewish) nations at a disadvantage. Their enemies can do anything and if the Christians (and Jews) respond in kind, they get condemned by their own people. Notice in the news how all the condemnation is for Israel and none for the Muslims who started the whole thing by shooting missiles into Jewish cities.

Until the Christians (and Jews) realize their own faiths are putting them at a disadvantage and start fighting fire with fire, they are on the road to losing. My suggestion in regards to Hamas firing rockets into Israel is to respond in kind. Each time a rocket hit Israel, Israel would fire one rocket into the Gaza. If Hamas is using an unguided rocket with no concern where it hits, Israel does the same. There would be far less condemnation of Israel if they responded in kind. And you can bet the Palestinians would rethink their attacks. Immediate negative reinforcement is the best way to train a dog not to do something.