Why Hood Ratchet is a racist word

Ghetto- is getting by with what you have..Anybody can be ghettto (for example; grill cheese sandwich made with a iron and ironing board, or a weave for different occasions, or for men putting water in your febreeze or alcohol in your sea-breeze to make it last longer) ghetto is a way of life for people.

Hood or hood-rats, is where people make no conscience effort to better their environment, everything they do is for hostile-social or selfish greedy reason (i.e gang-wars, click-mentality,money, drugs, and violence)

******- promote being in an inevitable loop of senseless activities ( not paying child support, unemployment, in and out of jail etc..)

Bitches- any women can be one, but most are just mean or constantly devaluing another for no reason

Hoes- easy and will do many for free

Rachets- conceited to the point where they act out irrationally, or adorn themselves with clothing/attitudes that are disturbing to the general public...

Think Pam on Martin was Ghetto

Shanaynay was Rachet

Shanaynay friends were hoes

Bruh-man was a *****

and pray you never meet a hood/hoodrat they will try to beat your ***