Why were cars crap in the 80?s

Mmmm..... Let me explain. You are probably 100% right about the ugliness, and anyone who doesn't agree with you would be awkward. However, something happened in the US car market that changed the world's view about cars. American cars such as the Mustang, Camaro and Corvette of the 60's looked amazing, but suffered from a lot of environmental issues. Those cars were made of steel, or a very heavy alloy, and so the engine's on them had to work heavily and emit a lot of CO2 to work as a muscle car. In the 80's however, Ford and GM used a very much lighter alloy that didn't look as great and didn't need so much power in terms of CO2 emissions.

There was another reason for the manufacturing of such ugly cars using those alloys. If you take a 1969 Camaro and crash into a wall while your friend does the same with an 80's Camaro, chances are you are going to get seriously injured while your friend will suffer minor injuries. Why is that? It's because the alloys used in the 80's were more shock-absorbing than that of the 60's. The US market realized this in the 70's and thought their cars must undergo drastic changes for safety.

Now, the ugly shape was used just because the Americans didn't know how to manipulate their new alloy to make a nice shape. Therefore, they went for a less air-resistant shape to give it a "cooler" design. It was an absolute FAIL! But they did achieve their other 2 goals, safety and light weight.

Hope this has helped. :)

Source(s): I am a serious fan of American Cars and I love all cars from the 60's. I have studied those cars on numerous occasions and will own one very soon :)